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  • Kenya Joins Global Ban of Plastic Bags

    Presented by Greenpeace Africa

    Kenya, the East African country with coastline on the Indian Ocean,  joined fellow African countries: Tunisia, Morocco, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Botswana, Ethiopia, Mauritania and Eritrea in banning plastic bags. The new regulations call...

  • Paris: Fashionable Juice and Vegan Cafe Ready for PFW

    By Benedetta Pignatelli | Travel

    While America has been routinely besotted with literary tales of impossibly alluring French women adopting no-deprivation diets (French women don’t get fat by Mireille Guilliano, et all) an Italian transplant inspired by American wellness advocate...

  • FEIT: Shoes for a Lifetime - Rare Sale

    By Staff | Events

    FEIT, the neo luxury, cult footwear brand (pronounced 'feet'), is celebrating a design and craftsmanship retrospective with a one-week pop-up Archive Sale. One-off rarities archived over the past nine years by founder Tull Price - some with only one...

  • The new, subtle ways the privileged signal their wealth

    By Staff | News

    Given that everyone can now buy designer handbags and new cars, the rich have taken to using much more tacit signifiers of their social position. In 1899, the economist Thorstein Veblen observed that silver spoons and corsets were markers of elite s...

  • Changemaker: Liz Dee

    By Staff | Changemaker

    Liz Dee is changing the conversation about food production and sustainable business through her dynamic experiential base as a food company executive, ethical vegan, and impact investor. As a co-owner and Executive Vice President of Smarties Candy C...

  • How to Spend your Tax Refund: A Self Care Retreat on the Amalfi Coast

    By Kate | Travel

    Did you get a tax refund and want to splurge on some self care- vegan style? Vegan Chef, TV Host and Wellness Expert Leslie Durso has designed an amazing retreat that just might do the trick. Join her, Gaia Herbs founder Ric Scalzo and yoga instruc...