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  • Ask Kate: What Makes Something 'Ethical'?

    By Kate | News

    Dear Kate - I'm careful about what I eat and really care about the environment (I'm trying to be as zero-waste as possible) but I can't figure out what brands mean when they say 'ethical fashion'. It seems like it means different things to each bran...

  • What We Are Reading: Why Fashion Matters

    By Kate | News

    I read so many amazing books leading up to the writing of Magnifeco (most are listed in the bibliography) that I loved, and I continue to find great reads about ethical fashion, sustainable living, or life in general that I want to share. So welcome...

  • New Greenpeace Study Reveals Garments are Off-gassing

    By Staff | News

    If you have read the Magnifeco book, you know it stresses reducing the chemical load in your clothing for myriad reasons: your health (chemicals rubbing against your skin), the environment (depending on methods of production chemicals also contaminat...

  • For the Love of Sheep: A Kickstarter Project by Izzy Lane

    By Staff | KickStarters we Love

    British-based designer, cum-activist Izzy Davies has two imperatives: to help save the British textile industry and to give animals a voice in the fashion industry. Through her brand Izzy Lane, she has done both. Finding herself providing a refuge fo...

  • Waste Not Want Not: Copenhagen Supermarket Offers Triple Benefit

    By Staff | Travel

    Would you make a pizza with flour past its expiry date? Use canned tomato sauce with a torn label? Add a wrinkly tomato on top? What if by doing so, you not only save money on your grocery bill but also help reduce food waste and contribute to fighti...

  • Kate's Dates: Meet the Author

    By Staff | Events

    Kate will be appearing at: London July 19, 2016. Magnifeco London Book Launch. Kate in conversation with The Guardian's Lucy Siegle. Rizzoli Bookshop, Somerset House. Pre-registration required (free). 18:00-9:00 pm. Books and book signing avai...