10 Tips to Extending the Life of Everything in your Wardrobe

By Kate | Living
Posted Apr 23, 2017

One of the aspects of sustainable fashion is to resist the urge to purge. To buy things you plan on keeping for a very, very long time and then actually keeping (and wearing) them. Or, as Vivienne Westwood so beautifully says, “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity.” Here are ten of our top ideas to help you repair and restore  your favorite things.


  1. Martha Stewart: With only a few sewing supplies and the most basic stitches, you can repair holes, seams, and hems on your garments and extend the life of your clothes, and Martha Stewart will show you how. And when you are ready to move on and refashion a garment, or create your own, visit her complete library of learn to sew projects.
  2. Instructables: Remember this website from school projects? Instructables ‘is a place that lets you explore, document, and share your creations.’ They also have killer DIY’s to help with your wardrobe. For example: Restore your old sneakers to how to convert old jeans to shoe storage.
  3. Jewelry-Secrets: The tagline is ‘how to fix and repair your own jewelry at home cheaply’. This site will help you fixing everything from watches (changing batteries and removing links) to gold chains (removing knots or kinks).
  4. Stella Neptune: Have moth holes in your cashmere? Get one of Stella Neptune’s groovy patches and wear your fix with pride. The aptly named “Cashmends” come in fun shapes (our fav: the bandaid).
  5. iFixit: This wiki-based site teaches people how to fix almost anything, and they have some great wardrobe solutions like: how to darn a hole in a knitted garment and how to replace a zipper on a (Patagonia) jacket.
  6. Stains: don’t let a stain get you down. Our friends at SheKnows have the ultimate list for How to Get Stains Out of Everything.

Get Professional Help

  1. Handbag Repair & Restoration: The Rago Brothers offer comprehensive refurbishing, restoration, refinishing and repair of luxury handbags and all handbag brands.Replace purse chain or strap, get new handles
  2. Denim Therapy: This New York-based service offer denim revival in three easy steps: ship them your jeans (or drop them off in NYC), they email an estimate for your approval, they repair & return your jeans.
  3. Dye it Black: This Canadian professional garment dyeing service will re-new (almost) anything back to it’s true black self. Or have something in a different color, they will change it to black, giving you two garments in one. Prices start as low at $15 CAD.
  4. Knit Alteration: This popular service offers professional alteration of better knit clothing. You can have moth holes repaired, sweater sleeves shortened, knit hems and necklines altered, and many other knit repairs made professionally. Tip: get your knits in early for next winter, this service typically has a several month long wait list.

Lastly, don’t forget local service providers: the dry cleaner, who can help not only with stains but can also redye and mend; the cobbler will restore shoes; and the jeweler can offer more intricate jewelry saves.

Have advice or want to share garments you have saved? Tag us on social with #magnifecomend. (Catch the video of our Instructables shoe restore on Instagram)


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