5 Great American Eco-Fashion Designers

Popomomo - 100% recycled cotton tunic Alabama Chanin - 100% organic coton, hand-stitched tunic Feral Childe - khadi cotton shirt dress Awamaki Labs - high-waisted mini-skirts Loomstate Resort 321

These days, consumers are not just looking for the most fashionable clothing. They are also looking for the most sustainable clothing. Consumers are willing to pay a little more if it means buying clothing that they can have a clear conscience wearing. They expect the labels they wear to use eco-friendly techniques in everything from the production of the fabric to the construction of the garments. If you are someone who appreciates environmentally friendly designers, then you will enjoy this list of five eco-friendly designers working in the industry today. If you also enjoy other ways of saving the environment, such as through your electricity use, check out:  www.texaselectricityproviders.com.

1. Popomomo

Founder Lizz Wasserman was tired of the disposable society we live in and in 2009 set out to create a line of clothing for women who were just as creative, stylish and environmentally aware as she is. Sewn within walking distance from her design studio in Los Angeles, Popomomo pieces are made with sustainable fabrics, including organic and recycled materials. The Popomomo name comes from “post-postmodern movement” and has become synonymous with the chic, arty side of Southern California living.

2. Alabama Chanin

Artist Natalie Chanin’s clothing line all started with a need to recycle a T-shirt in 1999. Since then, Chanin has made a commitment to sell hand-crafted pieces that are organic and recycled and locally sourced. Most of the material starts as seed in Texas, is knitted in South Carolina, dyed in North Carolina or Tennessee and put together – by hand – in Alabama. Considering a lot of cotton is grown in the U.S., shipped to Asia then shipped back to the U.S. for sale, Alabama Chanin’s clothing travels a very short distance, considerably reducing its environmental impact.

3. Feral Childe

This label is a joint effort between Alice Wu and Moriah Carlson. They work together to design all of their unique pieces, which makes for fun, quirky garments. They are very committed to sustainable design and production of their clothing. Feral Childe uses sustainable materials and manufacture all of their clothing by hand in a New York workshop. They also send most of their waste materials to New York City schools. Anything that the schools can’t use gets sent to a recycling facility. Feral Childe also produces all of its clothing to order, eliminating the chance of producing anything that won’t be used.

4. Awamaki Lab

This is one of the most exciting eco-friendly designers in existence today. It brings fashion-forward designers to rural Peru to work with the poor, indigenous Quechua weavers to collaborate to create unique pieces based on traditional Peruvian designs. It uses sustainable wool to make most pieces. When you buy an item from Awamaki Lab, you can feel good that the profit will all go toward helping the Quechua weaver create a sustainable income that will help lead them out of poverty.

5. Loomstate

This is the biggest mainstream fashion line to commit to using sustainable production techniques in the manufacture of its clothing. Loomstate uses sustainable materials to construct its clothing, and it also uses production techniques that use the minimum amount of water and electricity possible. One of its most interesting concepts is the 321 Line, which is made up of pieces that are designed to be worn in at least five different ways. This allows the women who wear them to purchase fewer pieces to keep in their closets.

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