6 Trends for Spring from Eileen Fisher

By Meg | Women
Posted Mar 13, 2013

The EILEEN FISHER story seems to come out of a fairy tale. It was 1984 in New York City when then interior and graphic designer Eileen Fisher was having a hard time getting dressed. Wanting simple shapes and clothes with certain proportions in beautiful colours, and believing in her vision, she had 4 samples made and took them to The Boutique Show. Following the initial success, by her second season she had $40k in orders and turned all her attention to running EILEEN FISHER Inc. The rest, as they say, is history. However, for a brand such as Eileen Fisher, it’s all about the future.

Today the brand is 900 people strong with 58 stores in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, with headquarters located in located in Irvington, New York. The principals of intelligent design are deeply incorporated into the business model’s core values, with everything from how the corporate office is designed (remodelled with natural light and without traditional cubicles), to how employees are encouraged to be passionate and engaged, and to how garments are conceived with their customer in mind.

“The women who wear our clothes want to experience the magic that happens when you put on a piece of clothing that has been pared to its simple, pure essence. It comes alive on your body. It makes you move differently. It changes the way you think and feel about yourself.” – Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher breaks out of the traditional corporate engagement role of talk and signing cheques, by running programs like their own Women Owned Business Grant Program and Activating Leadership Grant Program for Women and Girls. There are also community partnership mini-grants of up to $2,500, allocated quarterly. Showing a love for women, Eileen Fisher takes a bold stance against human trafficking and slavery, a topic most companies wouldn’t be brave enough to even mention. Eileen Fisher Inc. shows the same confidence, courage and trail blazing as Eileen herself showed in 1984.

This week Eileen Fisher just presented their Spring 2013 Line via a very cool twitter press release- you can follow what happened yourself by searching for #EFPReco. For you, we have wrapped up the 6 trends for Spring 2013 Eileen Fisher has brought to the table. We are LOVING it, and we know you’ll agree!

  1. LINEN- is considered a super-fiber. We love the bright colours of the organic linen mandarin collar shirts.
  2. HAREM pant- spring time is Hammer time!
  3. SHEER- such as this drapey, dippled hemline sheer hemp sweater.
  4. SUSTAINABLE SILKS- like this soft dark grey peplum top.
  5. BOLD COLOR- like their new lines of made-in-the-USA bold skinny jeans!
  6. STRIPES- like this graphic organic linen reversible sweater.

Other fun things learned on the chat:

  •  Eileen Fisher make 20% of their clothes in NYC.
  • One of Eileen Fisher’s first fabric was linen.
  • Their sustainable silks are Bluesign certified – dyed with out hazardous chemicals, and less waste.
  • Their Ampersand initiative (when there is an ‘&’ in promotional material) means they have a story to share about the sustainable efforts that went into the garment.

Spring is right around the corner and with Eileen Fisher is started today.


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