A peek in my wardrobe – Funkis Clogs

By Kate | Women
Posted Jun 2, 2010

The word Funkis is a abbreviation of the Swedish word “funktionalism” which refers to the Functionalist style developed in the early 20 century. It was not only a architectural and furniture concept, it represented a whole new movement “to change the world”. Everything was to be changed, the whole society, from town planning, architecture , furniture down to the very way people lived. The world at this point had a very positive outlook on the future and the big change industrialisation could bring to not only the rich but every one in society.

For world famous Swedish Architects like Gunnar Asplund, (you can still buy his fabric smoke from them) a lot of what he did was built on his love for the democracy. He believed that the way the cities were built in the future should benefit every one, to give every one “ a place in the sun”.(“funkis stilen som byggde Sverige” Ingrid Sommar . Forum) This thinking is the very base for “funkis Swedish forms” as a business idea.

The Funkis ethos is building on customers who now demand style and sustainability, not only within the manufacturing process, but also within every aspect of the business. Manufacturing in Australia (and their clog range in Sweden) is ethical on all levels as they are in control each step of the way. Australia (and Sweden) industrial policies in combination with Funkis‘ approach to a more sustainable business model, assures certain ethical standards.

When we featured these as part of our On trend segment about eco-clogsFunkis sent us a pair! So now these magnifeco high two-strap grey sandals are part of our wardrobe! They are gorgeous – made in Sweden from sustainable plantation timber, I had expected them to be heavy and clunky but they are extremely light and comfortable. If you live in Australia you can buy them at brick and mortar locations readily – or buy online. $149 AUD. They ship worldwide.

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