A peek in my wardrobe – Greenbees

By Kate | Women
Posted Oct 5, 2010

I love my  Greenbees Erma boots!! Inspired by the traditional pull on styles of original Western boots, Greenbees feature all natural leather (dyed using formaldehyde-free methods) and a recycled tire sole. The Erma boot features a 15 inch tall shaft with an wide circumference for an ultra flattering fit. Comes in two colors Sienna or Coal (shown). $275.00 USD.  Since the boots don’t feature a zipper Greenbees includes a boot horn to help ease them on.

Greenbees founders, Irene Pena Clancy and Janel Olvera, spent much of their summers sitting in the middle of a tire that hung from a tree looking up at the bright blue sky, giggling and sharing secrets. Years later they decided their own kids needed that same old tire swing- but when they set out on their quest for a couple of discarded tires, they were shocked to find mountains of tires-once useful and purpose driven that now sat discarded, dirty and ugly in a landfill to sit for thousands of years. They decided that they needed to do something. Their Greenbees shoes represent the finest in form, fashion and function. And the hand-made craftsmanship, leather design and recycled tire sole are the story of redemption- how 2 little giggling girls who had once found joy in an old rugged tire grew up and found a way to give a favorite memory a new lease on life.

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