A peek in my wardrobe -Hunter Water Aid Wellies

By Kate | Women
Posted May 14, 2010

Based on the widely recognized Original Tall Hunter boot, the Original WaterAid Festival design features water droplets cascading down the side, against a black background. All Hunter boots are natural rubber, have up to 28 parts applied by hand to each pair and are built on an orthopaedic last for the legendary Hunter fit.

£10 from each Hunter for WaterAid boots purchase will go towards WaterAid’s work in Madagascar. This vital support is helping improve the lives of people like Ikogane who explains how the community’s new well has enabled them to start kitchen gardens. WaterAid is an international NGO dedicated exclusively to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world’s poorest people. They also seek to influence policy at national and international levels. Their projects enable communities to achieve a better quality of life and escape the spiral of poverty. www.wateraid.org. £60.00

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