A peek in my wardrobe – Marie Veronique Organics

By Kate | Beauty
Posted Jun 23, 2010

There really is a Marie Veronique behind Marie Veronique Organics. And like many cosmetic companies before her – her company was started in her kitchen. Fueled by a desire to age gracefully, the former chemistry teacher created a line of ecologically responsible, natural and transformative anti-aging products. You won’t find toxins, petroleum-based products, nanoparticles, or anything else that’s potentially harmful in Marie Veronique Organics. “Intelligent Ingredients” is more than just a tagline. It’s the overriding principle that guides every formulation at MVO. Science tells us that what goes on our skin ultimately penetrates our skin and goes into our body so before an ingredient gets added to a product they make sure it does the right thing, efficiently and without causing harm to us or the planet

The entire company is also dedicated to sustainability. Wherever possible they use natural, organic and fair trade ingredients, packaged in 100% recyclable materials. And they source them as close to their Berkeley headquarters as possible to keep their footprint super small. Plus they donate 10% of their profits to The Acumen Fund, dedicated to creating better opportunities for women and children in Third World countries.

When the people at Marie Veronique Organics contacted magnifeco.com and asked if they could send a sample, I agreed. I’m cautious about what I’ll test – especially on my face and I’m prone to monthly break-outs, so I’m vigilant about trying not to exacerbate that. However, my goal this year has been to change all my chemicals (make-up, hair products, household products) to something more eco and my daily skincare regime is no exception. The offer from MVO came at just the right time.

I loved the packaging: tiny glass bottles inside a burlap sack. And I loved that routine: green, kelp facial cleanser, followed by a cooling anti-aging mist. The anti-aging oil took a while to get used to (the aforementioned break-out fear had me worried.) But the oil, with the mist makes a moist base for the SPF tinted foundation. Designed as a highly moisturizing, protective sunscreen for women, I used the tinted version as my cream, SPF and foundation. The MVO people sent me this Anti-Aging Travel Kit – with a Gentle Cleanser 1oz | 30ml, Anti-Aging Mist 1oz | 30ml, Anti-Aging Oil + ¼ oz | 7.5ml and Moisturizing Face Screen +, SPF 30 (3 tint choices) ¼ oz | 7.5ml – retail value $51.00 USD. Even though the sizes are small (perfect for travel) -they have lasted almost 6 weeks with daily use. Also available vegan!

I would love to say that people stopped me on the street and commented on my perfect skin or that my partner started to look at me with wonderment… but alas, no. That didn’t happen. But guess what else didn’t happen – no monthly break-out!! I love the ritual, the feeling of my skin and that my pores seem to be shrinking! I wish it was less expensive – because I’m hooked. Luckily, MVO has regular offers – for example currently on their facebook page, they have an offer:

buy their new Kids Safe Screen and get a free Moisturizing Face Screen. Moisturizing Face Screen Plus packs the same benefits as the Kid Safe Screen – it doesn’t use any of the harmful ingredients commonly found in sunscreens, and its antioxidant-rich blend of green and white tea and yangu oil nourishes the skin. Ships everywhere.

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