A peek in my wardrobe – Melissa flats

By Kate | Women
Posted Jul 28, 2010

Brazil shoe company Melissa Plastic Dreams believes in fair and conscience practice of design. If you are like me, the word ‘plastic’ makes a chill run down your spine, but Melissa’s are different. Because these shoes are created with a mono-material, they can be easily disassembled and recycled. Plus the factory works to create zero waste. What we are left with is a sustainable shoe company making fantastic collaborations (see this week’s Boutique of the Week for a beautiful pair of Jean Paul Gaultier designed Melissa’s).

I live in a fashionable metropolis that suffers a ‘rainy season’ twice a year. This means that for approximately 6 -8 weeks per year you have to be prepared for flash storms and torrents of rain. These shoes are perfect. Stylish, comfortable and perfectly suited for any deluge… I love my Melissa Coral’s (which I bought here in Tokyo, for full price.) You can get a pair from Boutique of the Week Fashion-conscience.com and take advantage of the sale and the discount code for readers (small sizes only) or from LaRousse where they are also were Regular: $78.00, now on sale: $46.80.

Thank you to the ever-stylish Amy DuFault and her post at EcoSalon for reminding me that these are in my wardrobe too.

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