ALAS – evolving, with time and inspiration

By Kate | Women
Posted Mar 19, 2012

The acronym All Light All Shadow (ALAS) represents the nature of change; day to night, sleeping to waking. The phases of the moon and the movement of the tides remind us that everything is connected. Journeys are undertaken, in dreams and in reality. We wander the globe, picking up pieces of inspiration from under stones on beaches, constellations in the sky and patterns in nature.

For this collection Betony and Kelly got inspired by their Moroccan holiday. Pomegranates for breakfast, colours woven into carpets, faded tiles smiling in symmetry. The range features a luscious palette of Mint, Watermelon and Indigo and the unique prints reflect long days by the Atlantic sea, balmy nights and traveller’s tales swept up by the sirocco winds. This Watermelon jumpsuit has a slightly scooped neck, press studs for comfort and a drawstring allowing you to wear on the hips or waist. Made from organic cotton jersey. Also comes in Pomegranate (top) € 54.95.

This Watermelon semi-fitted singlet, with relaxed shelf bra, € 54.95 paired with these bloomers, € 44.95 are great as a summer set but also prefect as sleepwear. The ALAS collections are fairly made in India where the cotton is also grown, spun, woven and dyed. With Fairtrade accreditations, from designer to cotton grower, the ALAS supply chain is built on respect. All the garments are constructed with 100% certified organic cotton. 

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