Amanda Reviews: Alaffia Skin Care Products

By Amanda | Beauty
Posted Sep 9, 2012

Developing a skin care routine isn’t always easy and after finding one that works you can become hesitant to mix it up.  After my experience testing out Alaffia’s Antioxidant Face Care Set I realized how important it can be to stay open-minded when creating your routine.  Sometimes it’s beneficial to change it up, especially if your goal is to find eco-conscious products that work.

Overall, I really liked using these fair trade, vegan friendly products.  Let me breakdown the routine I followed and the specific products I tried.  Once a day I applied the Roobios & Shea Butter Antioxidant Facial Cleanser all over my face.  I preferred to do this in the morning, but you could do it at night as well.  Once I rinsed off the cleanser and patted my face dry, I used the Facial Toner.  This product was my favourite out of the three.  The spray-on toner is not too heavy or oily as I find most toners are.  I immediately felt fresh and rejuvenated (which is why it’s great for mornings!)  Once the toner dries, the last step is to apply the Face Cream over your face.

After only one week of this quick and easy routine, my face felt smooth and fresh.  After two weeks, I noticed that my skin tone was more even (no more red nose!) and moisturized.  These products strike the perfect balance between drying out your face and causing greasiness.  As a side note, they smell great and the fragrance is all natural so it didn’t harm my face (I have mentioned before that fragrance usually causes my face to break out in dry spots).

I want to point out that these products are not only for women!  My boyfriend noticed the new products and tried using them too! Read more about Alaffia’s high community empowerment and fair trade standards used to create sustainable products for the whole body; face, hair & skin. Check out their shea butter too!

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