Amanda reviews – China Glaze Magnetix

Image courtesy of Let There Be Laquer

By Amanda | Beauty
Posted Mar 5, 2012

For those of us who, like myself, lack a steady hand, China Glaze’s Magnetix Collectionoffers  the chance to get creative with our nails without salon prices. The Magnetix Collection is a 6-colour line, each colour having a nice tinge of silver to it. The colours range from golden polish called “You Move Me” to purple called “Drawn to You” to a silvery gray called “Attraction”. If the names of the colours aren’t enough to “Pull You In” another plus is that the directions are simple: paint on the polish and while it’s still wet, hold the magnet with the design of your choice over your nail for 10 seconds.

The polish went on smoothly and lasted just as long as regular nail polish does, but the Magnetix Collection is free of all the nasties found in regular nail polish! The magnet tool has three different design options to choose from – arrows, star or stripes. It even has a little curved ridge that rests on the finger to prevent touching the wet polish to the magnet.

It took one or two nails to get the technique down perfectly, but the design that came out was quite noticeable. Pretty amazing considering it’s a magnet making the shapes! Not only did my nails enjoy the much needed T.L.C., but my friends also commented on how cool it looked and they were even more impressed when they found out I had done it myself with a magnet. Happy painting!

*All China Glaze colours are free of DBP, Toulene and added Formaldehyde. Amanda received the China Glaze Magnetix nail varnishes courtesy of Nail Polish Canada to review.

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