Amanda reviews – Make Love Not Trash

Safari Fall Tall Doctor’s Bag in Chocolate

By Amanda | Women
Posted Jan 31, 2012

We girls have a long list of criteria that our purse should be…considering I have recently added “eco-friendly” to my list, this is the bag that meets my needs. Make Love Not Trash is a Californian company with the right mindset of creating functional products that you can be proud to wear on your shoulder. Their bags have a beachy design that are not only eco conscious, but one of a kind. Made of organic canvas cotton, vegetable tanned leather and non-toxic dyes, these bags are equipped with multiple interior pockets and double as over-the-shoulder bags with the provided adjustable shoulder strap. I tend to use mine over-the-shoulder more often because although I like that the handles are sturdy, they are a bit too hard and they dig into my wrists or arms if there is any weight to the purse at all. (Could that be a sign that there is too much junk in my purse??) Before getting this bag I used to always lose my keys which I don’t  anymore because there’s a key clip inside! Another thing I really love about my new purse is the ultra wide opening. With such a large interior, I take my Tall Doctor’s Bag downtown to class because all my books and binder fit easily! All in all, I’m very satisfied with my new handy tote. Now I just need to get myself a matching wallet…

M.L.N.T have a wide range of styles and designs to choose from that can be found online at

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