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Super Tote - $4.50 My Mega Tote on the beach, image: a.niccols Lunch Tote - $6.99

By Amanda | Women
Posted Apr 24, 2012

I would like to start off by saying that I hate everything about plastic bags. I hate that they are see-through. I hate that they have holes. I really hate paying for them. The only problem I have discovered through my hatred is that you can’t go shopping without them. It doesn’t help matters that all the other eco-friendly cloth bags that have come out since the 5¢ charge was introduced are depressing and the handles rip off when you put anything in them.

Introducing Snapsac. Finally a product has (literally) landed at my doorstep that solves all of my problems. Not only are all of the totes absolutely adorable but they are functional for real people and everyday use. Since I received them, they have been with me everywhere from the beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to the slopes at Blue Mountain. (And of course for more local trips to the LCBO…) My Petite Tote transported a packed lunch for two, hungry snowboarders with plenty of room left. My Cool Tote carried iced beverages for my family of nine to the beach everyday of our trip. My Mega Tote was my beach bag carrying two or three towels, all my books, sunscreen and more with ease (see below).

If I seem like I’m a chronic purse over-packer, it’s because I am. And not once did I have to worry about my Snapsac being able to handle the load. Now I am finally able to say I love the bags I shop with! I love how well-made, thick and durable they are. I love that they are re-usable and machine washable. I love the snap-close pockets in each tote for loose cash or keys. I love that all the totes snap closed into these tiny, ultra convenient squares. I love carrying
them around and having people check them out. Heck, I even love talking about them!!

I can’t forget about the important aspects and the reason we all read Magnifeco: Snapsac has high standards regarding environmental and social responsibility. In a nutshell, the company follows strict fair labour policies to create these fantastic Snapsac’s without compromising eco-consciousness.

Thank you to Snapsac for being all that you claim to be: “Smart Stylish Shopping” and more!

Check out more of their corporate policies and products here

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