Amisha – limited edition jewellery

By Kate | Women
Posted Mar 18, 2010

Not only am I constantly wowed by the designs and introductions of sustainability into the world of fashion by designers, but some of my fellow eco-bloggers are also very inspirational. I was reminded of amisha jewellery by ecco*eco [the blog of Abigail Doan - writer, editor, and environmental artist residing in NYC and Europe].

Created by designer Amisha Ghadaili, amisha jewellery was first conceived out of a passion to create a jewellery brand that is not only beautiful but that also has the ethical values Amisha passionately campaigns for.

Each piece, handcrafted in recycled silver and semi-precious stones, is carefully designed to combine the colours and properties of the stones and crystals that complement and enhance the natural beauty of the wearer. The stones used are all carefully selected, not only for their ornamental and decorative qualities, but also for their healing properties, resulting in pieces that are designed not simply to adorn the wearer, but to interact with, reflect and enhance her own qualities. This Jagged Nebula ring is silver with a black druzzy stone. Each piece is unique as each stone is a different shape and a different size. £60.00.

The Fluid Melody waist chain can hang around the stomach or the hips (as shown) or can be worn as a necklace (see below). Made from thread, silver pieces and black tourmaline. The green and purple thread brings you balance and harmony. Approximately 41 inches. £40.00.

Ten per cent of the profit from each piece of  amisha jewellery is donated to, one of four, carefully selected, local and global charities, a decision which stems from Amisha’s time spent working in politics and international development.

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