Ananda Pascual – beautiful things, beautifully designed

Ananda Pascual, image: Lori Webb Copenhagen Fashion Week, image: Lori Webb Copenhagen Fashion Week, image: Kristine Sørensen

By Lori | Women
Posted Feb 12, 2013

Magnifeco’s Lori Webb caught up with the Spanish Designer and her team at their Copenhagen Vision stand during Copenhagen Fashion Week held January 30th – February 3rd.

COPENHAGEN FASHION WEEK - Madrid-based, ethical designer, Ananda Pascual believes in designing beautiful things in a beautiful way, which is exactly what she accomplished as she made her trade show debut at Scandinavia’s largest fashion fair held in Copenhagen, Denmark from January 30th – February 3rd.

Ananda Pascual was a new, exciting presence in the Danish Capital that continues to be reflected in her status among the top 20 ranking designer look books viewed online via the Copenhagen Fashion Week’s own trend forum.

Her designs are not only fresh, provocative and fun but, also ethically created, sourced, designed and presented.

Ananda’s pieces were simple but creatively innovative in the details. The color palette primarily included strong prints in yellows, blues and corals with accompanying basics in a variety of colors and well utilized gothic twists added for good measure.

It is a very wearable collection in its comfortable shapes, fabrications and flexibility which allows for easy mixing and matching among other pieces within its own collection as well as the possibility to easily integrate into most fashion wardrobes. Several of her pieces are unisex and look equally good on women as men. The designs are handprinted with excellent detail work and the accompanying accessories are lighthearted yet, very stylish.

All pieces are ethically produced through social collaborations with India, Peru and Brazil and sourced from environmentally friendly materials.

The trade show stand was innovative and created by the designer’s younger sister, Mai. The stand displays were created from repurposed cardboard included custom build head models using the same material. The rest of the stand uniquely presented hanging pieces amidst an intertwined rope sculpture. Printed promotional materials were also created via an environmentally friendly printer.

In regard to the collection’s inspiration, the designer expressed that it came from Spanish urban life and that her favorite pieces include the yellow motorcycle pant, the handprinted shirts and the turquoise baby alpaca sweater.

Ananda also shared her thoughts on fashion today saying that it moves very quick and that the differences from last season to this season is minimal however, she also mentioned that fashion is also in an anything goes state. And while from a style perspective this is good, from an eco perspective anything goes is not good enough.

She expressed that she enjoys “Designing beautiful things in a beautiful way”. It is important now more than ever that in creating beautiful pieces designers increasingly focus on doing so in a more ethical, sustainable, socially conscious and environmentally aware manner. This route often means following a more difficult path, however, Ananda, now expecting her first child, stated that doing so makes her feel better in her work and will allow her to proudly be able to one day tell her son that she did what she could to make the world better.

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