Anjaly yoga clothes new men’s line

By Kate | Men
Posted Jan 11, 2013

Yoga and its followers keeps growing. Recent statistics estimate that 15 million Americans practice yoga; and that almost 30% of those are men. And Americans now spend $27 billion on yoga products. Not surprising to see specialised yoga classes geared towards men (like Broga) and yoga clothing makers all vying to catch some of that male market.

Practicing yoga means seeking a clothing brand that matches your ethical standards. Wearing spandex ( a polyurethane-polyurea copolymer) might makes sense for many sports, but can sometimes feel out of place in the yoga studio.

Sankrit for an offering, Anjaly is an organic, yoga-inspired collection offering a small and versatile selection of items in limited editions, all sweatshop free. Plus, all of their organic cotton is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified .

If comfort is important to you even after your yoga workout, then Anjaly will appeal. Soft, breathable, lightweight and made with pure organic cotton, their items feel like a second skin, allowing you to work out, relax and play all day long. They’ve already sold out of the first run of shorts, but have long pants (€ 49)  and t-shirts (€ 39) still in stock. Ships everywhere.

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