About Aya
Aya Nihei is a lifestyle writer and editor. She moved to New York from Tokyo, in 2012 and now lives in Brooklyn. Through her career as a magazine and book editor, she has a wide knowledge of and connection to Japanese designers, craftsmen, interior designers, chefs and more. Aya shares ethical Japanese finds.

Aya's Posts

  • Saving trees and paper stylishly with Japanese “motta”

    By Aya | Women

    One of the little-known customs in Japan is for all people, from small children to the elderly, to carry their own handkerchiefs in their pockets or bags everyday; of course I do. The main reason for it is to wipe our hands after washing in the restr...

  • Renaissance of handcrafts- BUNKOGAWA leather crafts

    By Aya | Women

    JAPAN - Recently, the beauty and the precious value of handcrafts by skilled craftsmen has begun to recognized and coveted widely all over the world. This trend is also occurring in Japan, where handcrafts such as porcelain, urushi lacquerware, weavi...

  • Ishinomaki Laboratory - a studio for recovery from the Japanese tsunami

    By Aya | Living

    A large number of people in east Japan, especially residents in the seaside towns who suffered from the tsunami, lost family, friends and homes on March 11th, 2011. After the disaster, great efforts of reconstruction were made by locals and with help...

  • Shinji Nakaba - wearable sculptures from found items

    By Aya | Women

    Shinji Nakaba, is a jewelry designer in Tokyo who, despite his history of creating since 1974, brings us a fresh and delightful surprise with his artistic creations. The materials he chooses to use make his work unique and memorable.  He uses not on...