About Claire Bates
Claire has a background in fashion buying and merchandising for both department stores and fast-fashion. She has always been curious to learn more about supply chain structures and the manufacturing process asking 'how do the buying decisions I make from my desk affect other people and the environment?" Claire has a history of building businesses from the bottom-up. In 2009, Claire co-founded The Student Exchange on the University of Arizona campus with a mission to cut down on campus waste by buying, selling and trading gently used dorm and home goods. Claire also co-founded Cosa Buena, an online boutique and pop-up shop selling global artisan crafts. Cosa Buena's mission is to connect consumers to the source and story of their purchases, preserve artisans crafts, and create a mutually beneficial business relationship between buyer and seller.

Claire Bates's Posts

  • EcoChic Design Award: OPEN CALL

    By Claire Bates | News

    OPEN CALL: The EcoChic Design Award is a sustainable design competition organized by Hong Kong based, environmental NGO Redress that inspires emerging fashion designers to create a collection using the sustainable design techniques zero-waste desi...

  • The African Market: a Report from Fashion Africa Conference 2016

    By Claire Bates | Events

    Last weekend top designers, industry professionals and thought leaders gathered in London for the fifth annual Fashion Africa Conference created by Africa Fashion Guide. This year's theme ‘The African Market’ focused on both design and the Afri...

  • Cashing in on Your Wardrobe: How to Re-Sell Your Clothes Like a Pro

    By Claire Bates | News

    I grew up in Tucson, Arizona, the home of Buffalo Exchange, so re-selling my pre-loved clothing has been a part of my life since my early teenage years. The "Buff" flagship store is located on the edge of the neighborhood where I grew up. As I conti...