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Meg Orlinski has over seven years marketing and communication experience for some of the best fashion, cycling and green organizations in Canada. Meg currently lives, loves and rides her bike in her beautiful hometown of Toronto.

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  • Sustainable Jeans for Men - 5 brands you should know

    By Meg | Men

    The nostalgic view of masculinity could be described with words like integrity, passion, logic, authentic and discipline. Since these words would also describe ethical design, it's only natural that premium men's denim lines would incorporate sustain...

  • 6 Trends for Spring from Eileen Fisher

    By Meg | Women

    The EILEEN FISHER story seems to come out of a fairy tale. It was 1984 in New York City when then interior and graphic designer Eileen Fisher was having a hard time getting dressed. Wanting simple shapes and clothes with certain proportions in beauti...

  • Kowtow Clothing: sustainable + modern

    By Meg | Women

    Kowtow means to “To kneel and touch the forehead to the ground in expression of deep respect, worship, or submission”. The striking, minimalist fair-trade brand Kowtow seems to embody that practice in their production, while their unisex esthetic...

  • Ethical denim brand review - 5 clean jean brands

    By Meg | Women

    Formerly a hard labour and rebel clothing item, jeans are now a staple of any modern wardrobe. Having made their way onto almost every booty in the world, by the 1990's they were once again deemed the bad-boy of fashion. This was due to the tradition...

  • Designer Spotlight: Sonja den Elzen

    By Meg | Women

    Thieves Boutique offered a carefully curated collection of the most innovative, quality ethical fashion for men and women in Toronto. It was the spring of 2012, when this gem shut its doors as a commitment to practicing values integral to sustainabil...