About Shana Levy McCracken
Shana is a sustainable fashion consultant living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She chairs the Prevention Reuse & Repair Technical Council (PRR) of the California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA). [http://www.crra.com] The purpose of PRR is to help bring about Zero Waste in California. She holds a Green MBA and completed her undergraduate degree in Environmental Issues: Politics & Culture. She is currently studying fashion at Cañada College in Redwood City, California.

Shana Levy McCracken's Posts

  • Utterly Adorable Clothes by Eco Kids’ Brand

    By Shana Levy McCracken | Kids

    Hearing Angela Chou talk about her sustainable kids clothing company Utterly is a little like watching a TV journalist report live from a hurricane zone. It’s the kind of situation many entrepreneurs experience when they’ve struck upon a great id...

  • Designer Spotlight: Daniel Silverstein

    By Shana Levy McCracken | Men

    It was election day in the U.S., and Daniel Silverstein and I were both happy to have something to distract us from the news. Instead we were talking about our favorite subject: Zero Waste Fashion. Daniel’s natural charm is enhanced by the fact tha...

  • Atelier & Repairs Writes New Stories for Old Clothes

    By Shana Levy McCracken | Men

    Los Angeles/London-based Atelier & Repairs is an emerging business and disruptive force in the fashion industry, aiming to slow down the rate of production and of waste. I recently sat down with company founder and industry veteran Maurizio Donad...

  • Breaking Down the Biodegradability Myth in Fashion

    By Shana Levy McCracken | News

    Biodegradability comes up a lot when we talk about sustainable fashion. The prevailing belief seems to be that if a fabric is made with natural fibers, it is 'biodegradable' and, if it’s biodegradable, then it must be sustainable. But there are a f...

  • Fashion Beginning to Mend Its Ways

    By Shana Levy McCracken | News

    When it comes to fashion and appearance, visibly repaired or mended pieces stand out. What was once a sign of frugality; that well-worn, loved-to-death look, is now on-trend. What makes sense and warms the heart of every ethical or self-styled sustai...