About Steve Black
Steve is a professional musician and avid motorcycle enthusiast living in NYC. Steve's interest in sustainable products started as a functional need - "I was a very active kid with lots of outdoor hobbies and a love of sports. I was hard on my clothes and my parents wanted them to last so they bought quality to avoid spending on quantity. That's something that has stuck with me into my adult life and has set the tone for my shopping habits today". Steve's lifestyle informs his fashion decisions and his experiences with a variety of products offers honest reviews.

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  • Is Raw Denim Really Worth the Price? One Man's Perspective

    By Steve Black | Men

    As a kid I lived in jeans and a t-shirt. And although I've 'grown up' and a lot has changed, the uniform has remained the same. But recently, I noticed that when I shop for jeans, every pair felt thin and (dare I say) “cheaper” than when I was a...