Avni – Eastern heritage, Western aesthetic

By Kate | Women
Posted Jan 18, 2011

Born and raised in India, Avni’s designer Avni Trivedi spent her formative years immersed in the rich history, vibrant fashion and beautiful art of Indian culture. From a young age, the crafts of local artisans fascinated Trivedi, who fell in love with the handmade fabrics she scouted out at artisan fairs in the villages of Gujarat.

As she learned commerce from her grandfather, who headed a textile research unit, and ingenuity from her mother, a successful entrepreneur in India’s fashion industry, the young Trivedi began designing clothes from local handmade fabrics as a hobby.

For her eponymous line, Avni promotes art and artisans across the globe by showcasing their talent through her collections. By requisitioning artisanal fabrics, Avni not only helps maintain economic stability for artists, but also helps keep these ancient arts alive. Inspired by the drape of a Saree, this dress is made of 100% silk, naturally dyed with pomegranate skin dye.

Visit Avni’s boutique when stopping in Boston or shop online.

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