BOBO – the beach wrap

By Kate | Women
Posted Jul 23, 2010

Bojagi (in Korean) or furoshiki (in Japanese)  – is the ancient tradition of wrapping a present in a swath of cloth. Eco and sustainable (fabric can be reused over and over), the tradition originated centuries ago as a way to wrap and transport items before the widespread use of paper and plastic. Artist Patricia Lee is the founder and creative director of BOBO Wrap, the wrapping scarf company. And they’ve just launched a new product, to wrap the most precious thing on the beach – you! This Jumbo Sized Beach Wrap is an 8-in-1 eco-friendly beach accessory that can be used as: 1. Purse or hobo bag 2. Beach cover up (short or long) 3. One-shoulder top 4. Strapless top 5. Halter top 6. Sarong 7. Shawl 8. Open jacket. Available in three prints Scarlet, Garden Blooms or Willow, sized 52 x 52 in. and comes with instructions, $38.00 USD. Ships everywhere.

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