Boutique of the Week: Ethica

Ace & Jig hall trouser from Ethica Ambryn Elgon dress dagg & stacy Weimar dress

By Kate | Women
Posted Mar 19, 2013

Honduran sisters Melissa and Carolina Cantor are the co-founders of a new, New York-based online retailer dedicated to high-style ethical fashion. With Ethica, the Cantor sisters aim to to connect consumers and companies that share a commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

We hope to contextualize shopping within a larger global narrative, highlighting the very real impacts of our collective consumption choices. That, and we want to help you find responsibly made wardrobe pieces that rock your world. We want you to love what you wear, and we want you to keep your purchases for a long, long time so they don’t end up in a landfill. That’s why, as far as we’re concerned, showstopping design is non-negotiable.

The designers featured include: Ace & Jig, whose clothes are woven on ancient hand looms in India, Ambryn, whose small-batch production takes place in an atelier in France, where employees are paid fairly and enjoy good working conditions and Dagg & Stacey, who employ local tailors, seamstresses, dressmakers and independent tradespeople in Canada.

Ethica offers conscious consumers a fashion fix from responsible companies who have invested time and resources in being as planet- and people-friendly as possible. Ethica also offers eco-friendly packaging and free, carbon-neutral shipping with every order and houses their offices in a LEED-certified green building in New York City.


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