Boutique of the week: Sapellé

Kutowa Designs Sleeveless Wrap Shwe Shwe Metallic Print Handkerchief Tribal Print Slim-fit Shirt

By Kate | Women
Posted Oct 30, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa, the biggest fashion event in the entire African continent concluded on Sunday and showcased 35 renowned designers from countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Angola, Tanzania, Cameroon, Morocco and France. African fashion is breaking away from misappropriated copycats and coming into its own, with more and more celebration of authentic, ethical African fashion. To access current African trends and designs we turn to our boutique of the week Sapellé.  A newly established on-line boutique based in the U.K., Sapellé sells stylish, contemporary fashion, accessories and home decor products, all of which are ethically produced by suppliers based in Africa, the UK and the US.

“We have a wide range of products sourced fairly from social enterprises, artisans and cooperatives from around Africa. And some of our products are produced from organic or sustainable materials,”  Sapellé director Daphne Kasambala tells us. “Sapellé has a strong fair pay, fair trade ethos and we believe in trade as a means to sustainable development. We do not trade with suppliers who do not fulfil our principles.”

On offer are pieces like the Sleeveless Wrap from Zambian label Kutowa Designs -  made of locally-sourced, 100% cotton ‘kitenge’ African print. £28.00. Individually crafted in the Youmewe London studio, the Shwe Shwe metallic print wrap-around handkerchief skirt is the latest incarnation from traditional Woodin fabric and integrates metallic dye printed on a plain block colour. £30.00. This Tribal Print, slim-fit, double-cuff shirt from Kamondi Couture comes in two colours. £50.00. Ships everywhere.

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