Brrrr… please pass me my Vaute!

By Kate | Women
Posted Oct 30, 2010

Soon well-heeled women in Nordic climates will be reaching for the thing they value more than time and money. Their weapon against the winter chill – their winter coat. If you have never lived above the 42nd parallel, you might not know the torture that winter brings to the young and stylish. Luckily, for the second year in a row, stylish eco-fashionistas will be heading to the coat check and asking for their ‘vaute‘. Voted VegNews’ Company of the Year for their efforts, Vaute Couture creates Vegan, Eco-conscious winter coats – constructed locally in NYC. Weather prepared, they are windproof, heat retaining and snow resistant and made from recyclable fabric, 100% Vegan Shell lined with 100% Closed Loop Zero Waste Recycled Satin Ripstop. Magnifeco! These coats are so coveted that most are pre-ordered at the height of the summer heat-wave. However, there are a few remaining including this Belden shown in camel. $430.00 USD.

And the FW10 Vaute Coat, inspired by the origami tulip, with crossover petal collar and skirt, tucked waist, asymmetrically breasted, with black satin covered buttons. Like a breath of fresh air over jeans, skirts, dresses, or belted, this coat was the winner of the 2010 Polartec(R) Apex Design Awards. Available in Luxe Red or Camel. $425 USD. Vaute Couture ships everywhere.

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