Cashing in on Your Wardrobe: How to Re-Sell Your Clothes Like a Pro

By Claire Bates | News
Posted May 27, 2016

Next Level Tips and Tricks:

  • Don’t take it personally. If the store doesn’t buy anything from you or if you aren’t offered as much as you think your stuff is worth, try not to get upset over it. I have walked away from a buying counter many times after being told, “Thanks for coming in, you have great stuff, but we didn’t find anything today.”
  • Try, try again! Keep the items that weren’t bought this time around and bring them back next time. Keep a re-sale bag in your closet and just add to it. Buyers are people and their taste levels differ, you never know what will inspire or interest someone. Additionally, the needs of the stores change over time- keep trying!
  • Don’t forget footwear and accessories. Re-sale stores also buy tons of handbags, sunglasses, jewelry and shoes. Handbags and shoes especially can be high ticket and offer you a nice cash pay out.
  • Trends are cyclical. If you’re a thrift or yard sale shopper with a good eye for style, keep your eyes open for cheap designer or vintage finds that you can sell at re-sale shops. Sometimes those $2 yard sale shoes that mimic a returning trend can make you cash profit at a re-seller.
  • Re-sale Apps make it even easier. There are a wealth of online re-sale apps and websites that allow you to operate your own re-sale store- on your terms! PoshmarkTradesy, and Vinted are some of the hottest clothing re-sale apps giving you the platform to launch a successful side hustle using many of the same tricks mentioned above.


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