• Made For Good- cause marketing done well

    By Staff | News

    Cause marketing has been proven to boost sales, engagement and customer loyalty, but are the new models of embedded generosity a passing fad or the new fundamental? Knowing what we do about the phenomenon in human behavior that is conspicuous conserv...

  • Japan Researchers Invent Solar-Cell Fabric

    By Staff | News

    Japanese researchers have come up with an innovative idea of generating energy with the newly developed solar-cell fabric, which would eventually let wearers harvest energy on the go. The new fabric is made of wafer-thin solar cells woven together...

  • The Magnifeco Holiday Gift Guide

    By Staff | News

    [issuu width=420 height=272 printButtonEnabled=false backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120908020940-6a3acc899dce44d195e4915bb5b89220 name=gift_guide5 username=magnifeco tag=eco-fashion unit=px v=2]

  • Rocking Knit - reinterpreting 'manufacture'

    By Staff | News

    design is a statement. The very first Designers’ Saturday took place in Langenthal in 1987. Since then there have been 13 of these biennial occasions, to provide support for the Swiss design scene whilst giving it a publicity platform and s...

  • The Ethical Fashion Initiative taps sass & bide

    By Staff | News

    From Harper's BAZAAR AU: Feel good fashion newsflash: the United Nations' International Trade Centre ITC agency have handpicked sass & bide to take part in their Ethical Fashion Initiative. Based out of the most poverty-stricken areas of sub-...

  • London extends ‘Green Challenge’ to UK Fashion

    By Staff | News

    With up to a third of the UK’s current growth due to green business, sustainability is a hot topic in the City, and this years’ Sustainable City Awards promise to deliver some fascinating entries. Returning for a 12th successful year and...

  • Nigerian Duro Olowu - jcp's first collaboration

    By Staff | News

    J.C. Penney has spent the past year working extra hard on its image: getting rid of sales then bringing them back, catering to young shoppers with stylish brand names then running back to its "frumpy" customers. Now it's taking yet another stab a...

  • Toxic Tanneries: Human Rights Watch report

    By Staff | News

    Bangladesh is widely known as significant exporter of garments to major Western brands in Europe and the US. Less noticed has been the rapid growth of its leather industry, which last year exported around $663m worth of leather and leather pr...

  • Emily Blunt + John Krasinskis buy green home

    By Staff | Living

     John Krasinski and Emily Blunt proving they are the latest Hollywood green 'it' couple The handsome pair, have purchased a green home in Ojai, Calif., for $2.15 million. A solar energy system and a well on the site boost the home's eco-friend...