Changemaker: Anne de Carbuccia

Image: Clint Spaulding, WWD The artist in her Econyl® dress on opening night. Image: Zimbio

By Kate | Changemaker
Posted Oct 31, 2016

Anne de Carbuccia was born in New York and grew up in Paris. She attended Columbia University in New York City where she studied art history and anthropology. Upon her return to Paris she worked for Drouot, one of the oldest and most respected auction houses in the world. There she developed a passion for ancient and primitive culture and art and began a collection of her own.

On a filming expedition to Antarctica, she conceived the idea of “time shrines”, which integrates her fascination with ancient culture, art, and photography. Since then she has made many expeditions in pursuit of this project, which involves creating and staging a time shrine in symbolically significant environments. The photograph becomes the permanent record of the temporary installation.

In 2015, she founded the non-profit organization Time Shrine Foundation as a way to fund efforts to raise awareness and protect the environment. Her current exhibition: “One Planet, One Future” is at the Westbeth Gallery, 55 Bethune St., New York, NY 10014 until November 21, 2016

If your life had a mission statement – what would it be?
To help create a world where Peace, development and protection of the environment are interdependent and inseparable, through my creativity, my experiences, my reflections, the people I have met and the secrets I know

If you weren’t an Environmental artist what would you be?
I would be involved in the science and technology of water quality and its management worldwide

What about your childhood mapped your current life path?
Bohème family who brought me up between classical books and paintings in the midst of nature always dressed with elegance

You sell branded items at the show, how do they relate to your passion about the environment?
As an environmental artist I want to offer solutions and give the example. My Time Shrine Foundation sells recycled aluminum bottles and everyday use Econyl bags. They can replace plastic bottles and bags. Today everyone can make that choice without difficulty. As Consumers we  have the power to influence producers to replace single use plastic with  more sustainable materials.

At the art opening you were wearing an Econyl dress (that you made) – how does the circular economy figure into your vision for the future?
Yes I created a prototype based on a vintage Vionnet dress that belonged to my grand mother. It’s incredibly easy and comfortable! The Circular economy and the REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE moto are the only way forward. Of course we need to find new ways of consuming but more than anything we need to figure out what to do with the mountains of trash we have already accumulated over the last decades. There is an estimated 11 billion tons of trash covering our planet and only 25% is recycled and reemployed by the productive system. Sounds likes a lost economic opportunity to me!

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about our future?
Optimistic. We have already gone to the moon and back. I believe we are a race of dreamers not an invasive species

Born in America, French heritage and married to an Italian – what’s your signature dish?
When I’m not on the road, eating at home is my favorite! I call it my summer pasta: Penne – some homemade pesto sauce- small cherry tomatoes cut in 4 – sun dried tomatoes cut in very small pieces and fresh mozzarella in cubes that you add at the last moment . It’s a dish that makes people smile

All the travel and countless hours spent behind the lens, how do you rejuvenate?
15mn of Sun salutations and stretching every morning – when I’m not on expedition I try and eat very well and only at meals – almost no sugar – when I have time Hot yoga – 8 hours sleep – for my skin 2 primrose oil tablets every day, year round- High doses of Vit C on expedition and during the winter – very regular digestive cycle  - A lot of laughter

Where’s your favorite place on the planet?
My home in Corsica between sea, bush and mountain with almost no electric pollution



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