Changemaker: Beth Doane

By Staff | Changemaker
Posted Feb 16, 2013

Changemaker is our new series that highlights some really amazing work that is fueled by a passion and desire to change the world through sustainable efforts.  We caught up with Beth Doane, founder (RainTees), author “From the Jungle: Stories and Original Art From Children Living in Rainforests”, and speaker to learn more about what she is doing to make a difference.

What’s your background?

I grew up on a small farm in Ohio. I attended Eastern Michigan University and then moved to Europe where I first had the concept to start a fashion company to import and distribute high end European brands to the US.

What motivated you to start Rain Tees?

While running my fashion company I really had what so many girls would consider a dream job,  but I also realized things about the fashion industry that were heartbreaking. There is a lot of child labor, a huge amount of deadly carcinogens are used in the production process, and there are many other human rights violations that occur daily worldwide.  I started reading stories by investigative journalists who tried living on the tiny day rate paid to factory workers in places like Indonesia, China and Bangladesh and they were proving how it’s nearly impossible to live on these amounts in appalling living conditions.

I began to see ways that changes could be implemented and it became clear that it wasn’t just that these changes should happen, it was that they needed to happen.  Fashion is such a massive industry and there is great potential to use it to do good so I created my own line and designed it to give back

What’s the one thing you wish your work would eradicate?

There are so many things I want to end but instead of focusing on the negative I focus instead on a main goal of education. When you educate the world you can inspire generations of people to live differently and when people live differently there is hope to end violence, ignorance, environmental destruction and so much more. It all starts with education.

Will that happen in your lifetime?

If enough people work together anything is possible.

If you could give advice to an aspiring game changer, what would you tell them?

Follow your heart. Be guided by your passion and go after what really inspires you. The world needs more people who are living their dreams!

If people wanted to get involved, how can they help?

We love to hear from new friends! Email us at to get involved. We have incredible internships, giving trips, tree plantings, our RainTees pen pal program and more!

Follow Beth on Twitter, Facebook or visit Visit Amazon to buy From the Jungle: Stories and Original Art From Children Living in Rainforests.

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