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Toni and Niklas Garrn for EQL AW16 Closed Toni and Niklas Garrn for EQL

By Kate | Women
Posted Oct 31, 2016

Closed is a family-run business that started in Germany in 1978. Proud of its heritage, the core values that started Closed remain valid today: love your work and work only with people you like. The brand has been working with relatives and friends – from design to their manufacturers in Italy, since the beginning. According to Closed,

Germans have an insane love for quality. Working with the best materials from denim to chino. We want to make the clothes that you live in. Every day. That’s why we work with quality that lasts, and people you can trust. That’s why we make it modern, yet timeless. That’s why we think design doesn’t mean uncomfortable.

Aside from well-made standards, this season sister-and-brother modeling duo Toni and Niklas Garrn have collaborated with Closed on a unisex clothing collection inspired by the idea of equality. Called EQL (equal) the collection features elegant, low-key unisex pieces.

The idea of a shared wardrobe is nothing new. Toni shares with, “Niklas and I have always been swapping clothes—I was borrowing his oversize T-shirts and he often wore my jean jacket.”

The 12 items in the capsule collaboration includes a crisp white shirt, an oversize gray hoodie, tailored black trousers, and a sleek nylon bomber—forming a tightly edited urban wardrobe. Watch their exclusive video here.

In addition to the EQL collab, Closed likes to produce their clothing near where the materials originate. Europe is the focus for cotton yarn and fabrics, cashmere pieces are made in China and their casual sweatshirts are made in Portugal. The denim for their jeans is woven, sewn and washed in Italy (often by second generation employees). According to Closed, “Equality, friendly working conditions and fair wages goes without saying. Just like our designs emerge from a team, our manufacturers are members of the Closed family.”

Shop online or visit one of their three European locations.


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