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Contribute to Magnifeco

Magnifeco is dedicated to bringing together ethical designers and conscious consumers from all corners of the globe and we welcome global submissions about designers, makers and producers from communities and regions around the world.

Magnifeco will not publish pieces of self-promotion (for those see advertising options), but welcome accounts and reflections on the work of others.

Contributors and links to their work/projects are featured on our Contributor Page and contributors gain access to contacts and invitations to events in their region.

Proposals submitted for consideration should include: a link to the subject of the submission (artist, maker or producer’s website) and a brief biographical sketch of the contributor (and links to other samples of writing).

Send proposals to:

Response time: Due to the volume, it can sometimes take 1 to 2 weeks for a response.

If English is not your first language: Magnifeco is read by many readers whose first language is not English. Our editorial team will assist with grammar and composition.