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aunt em dress confetti jacket evergreen maxi skirt

By Melissa | Women
Posted Mar 2, 2013

Since 2004, Cuffs Boutique in Midtown Sacramento has been offering its customers (both men and women) a carefully selected mix of clothing that is both old and new.  If you want something no one else is going to have- this is the place to go.  Forget buying outfits straight off mall mannequins -trust me, there are people- have some fun, get creative.  This way of mixed dressing, pairing new with old(er), high with low, seems to be the way now that the traditional rules for dressing have fallen out of fashion.

If you aren’t in Cali to really see and feel, you can always shop online.  The new items are by local designers which is good but, from what I clicked, aren’t the most sustainable- saw some poly, rayon, pvc, et al.  Your better bet is to look at their vintage stuff, while it may be made of the same fabrics at least it was already made.  It is also, far easier than sifting through racks, bins or the like of used clothing.  These items have already been discovered and presented to you in an easy, breezy sort of way.

Some call anything on its second life vintage.  For an item to be considered vintage in my books it has to be at least older than I am.  Otherwise I call it previously owned, second hand, used, thrifted, etc. etc.  Doesn’t really matter so long as it is getting a second life.

A tip for buying not new items, but also in general, don’t get caught up on (label) size and fit. If the item is truly vintage, sizing was not the vanity sizing it is today but also, each designer/company cuts and fits differently.  In this case, bigger is probably better as you can shorten, take it in, or even just belt it.  We are looking for quality, construction, details- potential.  If you aren’t sew savvy, this would be a good time to take on a seamstress/tailor.

So you have an idea of what you can find, here are some gems I came across (pictured above).

Because I live in black and prefer dresses to pants all days, the aunt em black vintage dress is perfect for me.  Another classic piece that looks forgiving in size and would be a breeze to throw on is the confetti jacket, for only $44 how can you go wrong?

I allow myself one trend piece per season that falls in the middle of the road when it comes to price.  Not as much as I would spend on an investment piece but enough to feel that no one was harmed in the making of it.  Note: Price is not an absolute indication of ethical production, many high-end brands have been found guilty of less than wonderful ways. Even though the evergreen vintage maxi skirt actually falls closer to the latter (at $39) but since it is a lifer and not far from emerald (Pantone’s colour for 2013) I’d be willing to make an exception.



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