Custo Barcelona gets eco-friendly remodel

By Staff | News
Posted Jul 18, 2012

Custo Barcelona has been dabbling in sustainability for the last few years, adding eco-friendly elements to some aspects of their successful, global line. They have now opened an ‘eco-sustainable’ store in the La Maquinista shopping mall in Barcelona with the aim of introducing a new interior design philosophy to its stores.

Highlighting recycling, restoration and durability, the 300 square meter area is decorated with recyclable materials such as wood, steel or antique wooden crates that can be used over and over again. These elements are durable and non-contaminating as well as being decorative and allow for a fast setting up of the store and are easy to acquire. The lamps that illuminate the establishment are made from boiler tubes with lights that have two positions – one for the daytime and another for the night. The bulbs have a life span of 25 years!….read more

Information courtesy of Fashion United. Translated from Spanish by Richard Smith, via Sustainability: Custo Barcelona presents eco-sustainable store –

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