DaDa Underwear; putting ethics where it counts

By Kate | Men
Posted Apr 17, 2013

“Underwear is the perfect place to start ensuring you feel good about what you wear.  I wouldn’t dream of housing my nether regions in anything but underwear made fairly from the finest fabrics.” – Hamish Lawson, Director DaDa Underwear

Is your undergarment your statement piece and do its ethics matter? A new lifestyle brand out of the U.K. hopes so. DaDa Underwear fuses art, style, design and photography with an enthusiasm for the great outdoors; to bring you a boutique underwear brand suited to ‘a more interesting man.’

“Our brand name is based loosely on the disruptive art movement from the beginning of last century – ‘Dadaism’. We have tried to instill the spirit of the movement by being more creative and spontaneous in our design work, photography and marketing efforts.”

Dada produces only underwear and for their first collection they are offering three styles; the trunk, the shorty and the retro- one to suit every man’s taste. We appreciate their attention to ethics; all manufacturing is done in Sri Lanka and they have developed a  partnership with their manufacturer based on shared values:

  • All workers are paid a ‘living wage’ – enough to support themselves and their families.
  • Meals are provided for workers each day, free of charge.
  • Transport is provided for workers to ensure they live with their families.
  • All of the plants are ISO9001 accredited.
  • All plants are ‘Garments without Guilt’ certified and audited regularly.
  • They help sponsor a program which takes women from challenging situations and teach them how to sew so they can sustain themselves.

And that’s not all, DaDa Director Lawson goes on to explain,

“We use interesting fabrics that are natural and more sustainable than most of their counterparts. Any of our fabrics that use any synthetic materials are made mostly from natural fibres such as bamboo and we also have fabrics in development that use wood-pulp and coffee grinds. We use 100% organic cotton to ensure no harmful chemicals are applied in its production.”

Prices start at £18, but why not ask for a subscription for Father’s Day or your next birthday? DaDa have taken the chore out of updating your underwear drawer with their Quarterly Club get a fresh pair of DaDa’s delivered straight to your door each quarter.

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