Danish style from Knowledge Cotton Apparel

By Kate | Men
Posted Jan 4, 2013

KNOWLEDGE COTTON APPAREL is built on over 40 years of family experience in design, innovation, responsible environmental practices and passion for quality. The heritage and legacy of KNOWLEDGE COTTON APPAREL began in 1969 when J.Mørup Stof was found in the small town of Herning, Denmark.

Today, KNOWLEDGE COTTON APPAREL is a family firm where tradition is more than storytelling. Tradition and family knowledge are used every day — Only in this way, do they believe is it possible to create quality products that will inspire the next generation, in another 40 years. Being good to the environment and being good to humanity are the tenets that drive KNOWLEDGE COTTON APPAREL.

Through their use of 100% Certified Organic Cotton, it is KNOWLEDGE COTTON APPAREL’s goal to save the environment from 150 tons of pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers by the year 2015.

The Fall/Winter collection channels styles from the 70’s with an elegant mix of sport and fashion. Comprising of tees (35.00 EUR), knits (179.00 EUR), organic denim (119.00 EUR) and jackets (295.00 EUR) in washed-down warm colours, the look is prep, at times rugged and quintessentially classic.

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