Dargelos – fashion for urban cyclists

By Kate | Men
Posted Nov 24, 2010

Brooklyn-based Dargelos was created by Audrey Robinson, a long-time urban bicycle commuter and enthusiast, who was inspired by the growing acceptance and support for biking in the city, as well as an increasing interest in sustainable practices by the fashion industry. Dargelos is interested in the integration of cycling into city life by creating flexible garments for bicycle commuters. This Lightning Vest is a hand-netted, safety vest made from a custom developed 3M reflective material. It can be worn all year, day or night and layered over jackets or t-shirts. The neck opening is wide enough to pass over your helmet and netting is large enough for your hand to access your pockets. The Lightning Vest is strong, lightweight and compact enough to fit in your pocket without getting tangled. $80.00 USD.

 Every Dargelos product is made by hand in Brooklyn and packaged in a cellophane bag made from cellulose found in wood fibers (certified biodegradable and compostable). Ships everywhere.

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