Designer Spotlight – Rachael Cassar

By Kate | Women
Posted Nov 30, 2012

Rachael Cassar is a womens-wear sustainable fashion label based in Sydney. Her collections have had wide acclaim from catwalks across the world to being worn by celebrities such as Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, Christina Ricci and most recently, during the AMA Music Awards, by Carrie Underwood.

In 2009 Rachael Cassar was labeled as one of 12 new Designers to watch (pick of the Crop) by WGNS, the Trend Analysis and Forecasting Magazine Online Resource for the global fashion industry. In 2009 Rachael Cassar exhibited at London Fashion Week’s Esthetica Exhibition, and in 2011 had a boutique solo fashion parade on Maddison Avenue during New York Fashion Week- Fashion Night Out.

The night of the AMA’s facebook was in a flurry of posts and re-posts about this gorgeous Rachael Cassar dress on Carrie Underwood, so we took the opportunity to dig a little deeper – into the designer and the dress.

1. What matters to you most as a fashion designer?

being able to create using my own hands. Creating forward thinking sustainable high end fashion.

2. How would you describe your line?

semi couture creations for the creative hearts.

3. What does eco-fashion mean to you?

Eco fashion is progressive fashion to me. Fashion that is now. Fashion for our future

4. And – why was it important for you to include eco-fashion element into your line?

I think whatever industry you are in you NEED to start re-thinking traditional methods and processes and actively start changing them to make them more ethical/ sustainable, even if this means going against what you know or what you have been told. This is the only way real change will occur! We have no more excuses! We know whats going on and we have the ability to start reversing our damage! It is so very important, being sustainable shouldn’t be a choice, it should be compulsory ! For me, up-cycling is the way I create, so it is my life.

5. What are your favorite fabrics to work with and why?

I love sculpting fabric so tulle is definitely up there! I also love silk chiffon, cotton lace- anything quite fragile and transparent.

6. Describe the general process you go through to design and realize a piece of clothing.

I use recycled materials and the process of deconstruction where I take apart pre loved garments and re-use the fabric

7. You have had considerable success in the time since your launch, what do you attribute that to?

My aesthetic first and foremost. I don’t sacrifice design for sustainability. I have a very strong aesthetic that I think it holds up in its on right. The fact that they are sustainable is a bonus!!

8. You seem to have many celebrity fans – do you think eco-fashion is important to them in their consideration of your pieces?

I believe it is a bonus. Celebrities would not wear something purely based on the fact that it is sustainable, they definitely choose items based on their visual appearance and I believe this has driven their choices beyond the eco element.

9. Tell us about your recent client (Carrie Unerwood) and how your dress came to appear (so beautifully) at the AMA’s

I have a PR agent in L.A who has a celebrity show room where many of my pieces live. Carrie Underwood’s stylist is a regular client and seems to like my brand!

10. What is in the future for the brand?

Continue what I am doing and hopefully eventually open up my own little boutique!

11. Where in the world can consumers find the line?

All pieces are one off but all for sale! Contact me directly through my website!

1st Underwood image: by Lester Cohen/WireImage, 2nd Underwood image: Lester Cohen/WireImage, all other images- Rachael Cassar. With additional info from the EFF

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