Discover Borneo with the WWF

By Staff | Travel
Posted Feb 17, 2013

Mid-season burn-out? Fashion week break-down? Spring break recharge? Whatever the reason, it’s time to dream of tropical waters and the perfect getaway. For your next eco-vacation, why not travel with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)? Traveling with them supports their work around the world, as a portion of your tour cost (between 5% and 10%) goes to support their global conservation efforts.

One of their true bucket list trips is coming up in March; travel with the WWF to Borneo! A journey in search of wild orangutans, endangered sea turtles and untamed rainforests. Imagine how refreshed you will feel when you return from Borneo, the world’s third-largest island, teeming with sublime rainforests, active wildlife and Far Eastern charm. The country’s landscape consists of the world’s tallest rainforest canopies – playing home to cascading waterfalls, granite mountaintop spires and serpentine rivers. Endangered orangutans thrive in the dense vegetation, sharing treetops with leaf monkeys, wild gibbons, lemurs and over 300 bird species.

Your chance to glimpse rare proboscis monkeys, swinging through coastal mangroves, see pygmy elephants lumber through the underbrush and monitor lizards sunbathe along the lush Kinabatangan River. Trip highlights of this 14-day adventure will include:

- Observe orangutans in Sepilok Sanctuary as they live freely in their natural jungle habitat

- Watch endangered green sea turtles swim ashore on Selingan Turtle Island to lay their eggs, and witness the tiny hatchlings as they are released into the sea

- Hike the lush canopy walkways of Danum Valley in search of monkeys, clouded leopards and tropical birds

And the best part – the trip is limited to just 12 guests. Visit the WWF travel partner, Natural Habitat Adventures for all the details.


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