Eco-fashion – moot? Choose milch

By Kate | Women
Posted Feb 1, 2010

Wow – what a week it’s been. Maybe it’s the weather? The time of year? But it seems like a fashion-funk is in the air. First there was the Guardian essay about “why I hate fashion.” (for a really great response you should read Dream Sequins - the organizer of the fantastic Tribeca Hotel Sample Sale on Friday) and then today, fellow eco-blogger Green Grechen posted “I don’t think any eco-brand exists” and other thoughts… (not her quote.) I agree with Grechen on some points, especially that consuming is counter-intuitive to eco. We can’t buy our way out of the problems we are in.
Or can we? This is not just a fashion problem, this is also a consumer problem. We all have to clothe ourselves – it’s one of our basic needs, and that’s not going to change. How we clothe ourselves is the discussion. I think both Deanne (Dream Sequins) and Grechen (Green Grechen) articulate the dilemmas well – what we, the consumer, thinks about fashion (love/hate, eco/not) is important. Can we have it all? Not yet. We still have to choose between sustainable fabrics / local manufacturing / fair trade / development and support of local economies / vintage or reclaimed and upcycled – but the fact that we have to choose, doesn’t mean that it’s all moot. It’s the first step toward change. To that end… we’ll celebrate the baby steps to change by continuing to highlight the small designers who are putting their heart and soul into the change.

Like milch (milk in English). Also an Austrian brand, milch believes that there are already enough clothes in the world, and “how can we think that current fashion is somehow better than previous year models?” – that the ideology of originality is both arrogant and wasteful. To this end, they are magnifeco upcyclers, like this Men’s shirt blouse with ruffles, made from a worn man’s shirt and therefore soft and with no chemical residues. Each piece is one of a kind. Available in many colours: blues, browns, pinstripes, etc. €44.

Or our favourite, the trouser-dress, handmade from a retired man’s suit trousers. With a squared neckline, the  former waistband is now at the knees. Each piece is one of a kind. €99.

I hope your week begins with style and light, and renewed belief in the sustainability of fashion. The change won’t happen overnight, but it’s in the air and it’s going to be MAGNIFECO!

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