EcoChic Design Award: OPEN CALL

By Claire Bates | News
Posted Jan 10, 2017

OPEN CALL: The EcoChic Design Award is a sustainable design competition organized by Hong Kong based, environmental NGO Redress that inspires emerging fashion designers to create a collection using the sustainable design techniques zero-waste design, upcycling and reconstruction, all of which have minimal environmental impact. Each year, the EcoChic design competition takes participants on a multi-month journey involving theory, education, and sourcing. A grand finale runway show at Hong Kong Fashion Week and a tantalizing prize pack prove that sustainability does not have to compromise style.

Currently in it’s 7th cycle, the 2017 EcoChic Design Award is now accepting applications! Open to candidates from Asia and Europe, the application period runs from 3 January, 2017 to 3 April, 2017. You can find more information and apply to the competition here.

Redress believes strongly in the positive power of fashion and places a special focus on educating young designers. Educational workshops, lectures, fashion shows, design challenges, exhibitions and collaborations with academic institutions are all ways in which Redress works to educate and nurture emerging fashion designers, urging them to ‘redesign the norm for fashion design’. The EcoChic Design Award is more than just a design competition, the EcoChic database provides guides for designers interested in sustainable design methods and grants access to a talented alumni network for networking and partnerships making it a resource for designers and brands alike.

The belief that the new future for fashion starts with the next generation is at the heart of The EcoChic Design Award. Christina Dean, Founder and CEO of Redress, explains it perfectly, “educating designers is about protecting the environment. Estimates suggest that around 80% of the environmental impact of a product is caused by designers. So the need is obvious: you have an exploding fashion industry, a savaged environment and you have designers around the world training to join the world’s second most polluting industry without much sustainable design education under their belt.”

Designing a fully sustainable collection is no easy task. It is one that requires a great deal of creativity and savoir-faire. Sustainable design on a large scale is even more difficult as design decisions have a direct impact on the assembly line. Frontline Fashion is an exciting new documentary created by Redress that follows the journey of the designers from the 2015/2016 EcoChic awards cycle. The documentary shows us first hand the challenges facing the fashion industry today: pollution, textile waste and mass production. Most importantly, Frontline Fashion dares us to change our pre-conceived notions of sustainable design, presenting the new luxury as one that is both beautiful and sustainable.

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