Ecoluxe Fashion Focus: Hatastic!

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By Emma | Women
Posted Oct 25, 2012

Millinery is an art form, something that adds that little extra pizzazz to an outfit or event. From weddings and formal wear to a quirky finish, the ability to transform a look by combining imagination and expert skill is something that is in constant demand. This is especially true when the time comes calling for the horse racing season in Britain, where entire outfits are forged around wonderful (and sometimes weird) creations.

Founded by Chloe Haywood in 2009, Hatastic! is an ethical milliner with a penchant for eclectic detail and stunning design. Chloe shows the potential of the fashion industry to be more sustainable and each one of her pieces is unique. We caught up with her…

Describe Hatastic! in five words.

British, handmade, upcycled, vintage, headpieces.

What is it about millinery that excites you?

The possibilities! There is so much about millinery that I’ve only simply touched upon and I can’t wait to try out my different ideas and the avenues that have been offered to Hatastic!

What drives you to create your headpieces?

Inspiration. However, the downside to inspiration is that it comes in lots of unusual ways and times, so I find my workshop littered with piles of fabrics and colours ready to be made.

What inspires you?

All sorts of things. Talking to friends, things that happen at home, things that I read, and things that I wear.

What impact did the offer of a place as Lesage’s fashion school in Paris have on your designs and outlook?

I actually went to drama college instead of taking up the place because from an early age I’d always wanted to be on stage. However, the theatre has made an enormous impact on my designs, collections and photoshoots and I only really recognised this when I showed at Ecoluxe London.

What were your key themes for this season?

Cold Cocktail is my first Autumn/Winter collection so I wanted to design some pieces that were obviously wintry without doing the standard winter hat ‘thing’. I LOVE vintage and so dedicated the materials and look to 1940s Hollywood glamour to create elegant headpieces to set off the baroque trend for this season.

What is the role of sustainable practices in the modern world?

Sustainable practices and businesses should be commonplace and a way on life. I think we have a long way to go and I find a lot of people still don’t understand the difference between recycling and upcycling, and that they seem to be put off by the word ‘ethical. However since 2009, I have noticed a positive change in attitudes towards Hatastic!’s ethics. If anything, it has encouraged sales, which is why I now provide a custom-made label with each headpiece I make, which describes where all the materials are sourced, their ages, etc. and I find that clients really appreciate them.

What is next for Hatastic!?

In regards to my SS13 Sheerluxe collection, I was again going for the vintage-inspired pieces where every hat is made from vintage materials but I wanted drama! So expect to see bold colours, large flowers, vintage glitz and sculptural 3D designs. I have a few things in the pipeline that I’m investigating and I’ve already some thoughts for SS14… but they may change too!

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