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Métamorphose Collection - multi-wear pieces Métamorphose Collection - multi-wear pieces

By Kamila | Women
Posted Jan 14, 2013

France has adopted the trend of organic food, but eco friendly fashion is not yet a hot topic here. The exception is EKYOG; a French fashion brand with diverse view on ethical and ecological issues of the fashion industry. From sourcing of raw materials and production to use of the garment, all aspects are taken into consideration.

But Ekyog does not stop there. Thanks to its philanthropic project Ekyog Terre, money is going back to the location of production to support communities. Very impressive is the initiative taken in India. EKYOG helped local farmers willing to produce organic cotton. Today there are 11,000 farmers taking part in this project. The company provided tools and materials needed to achieve good results and in consequence a descent salary for the families of the workers but most importantly a long term contract allowing to produce all the EKYOG collection exclusively from organic cotton.

To further spread information about sustainable fashion, materials used in the collection and projects to help communities in the countries of production, EKYOG publishes a blog  called Il est temps (it is time) -at the moment all the information provided is only in French.

The EKYOG collection is full of classics; basics made from organic cotton and other environmental friendly materials are easy to mix and match and they can stay in your wardrobe for many seasons and never be out of fashion. The strongest part of the collection is indisputably the capsule “metamorphose” – the multi-wear garments. A cardigan, that can be transformed in a dress or worn as a scarf. Producing, shipping and purchasing one garment that replaces three pieces in your wardrobe is an eco-magic!

If you are coming to Paris, you can shop EKYOG at Galeries Lafayette – the biggest department store in the city, or shop them on-line.

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