Elizabeth Dunn: bespoke, transeasonal, hand-made shoes

By Kate | Women
Posted Feb 21, 2013

Elizabeth Dunn is a London-based shoe designer. Possessing a passion for traditional English shoemaking, she graduated from Cordwainers – London College Of Fashion, trained in producing hand made shoes through both traditional and modern techniques.

Dunn’s twist on classic styles, with a modern twist, means the namesake line offers unique styles and shapes. Elizabeth Dunn shoes are hand-made to achieve longevity and sustainability, by using the best quality materials available, thus avoiding throwaway fashion and one season styling.

Her latest collection, the Elizabeth England collection, is a transeasonal range consisting of 15 hand made pieces, composed from 8 designs. Designed with both Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter in mind, the objective of the range is practicality in all weather conditions.

Uniquely, five of the designs are a single piece of leather moulded to the last without any stitching, showing the simplicity of modern techniques and highlighting the connection between rawness and glamour. Plus, three of the designs have been hand painted with sunsets by the Claire Barrow. Hand-made in England, shoes are produced on request. Prices start from £200 up to £530.

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