Escargot Kids – vintage style clothing

By Kate | Kids
Posted Dec 5, 2012

I don’t know what it is about little, mini ‘hipster’ kids that always brings a smile. The mini-flannel jacket? A western-onsie? C’mon!!

Escargot Kids, vintage-inspired clothing for babies and toddlers made locally in Vancouver, Canada is the brainchild of Jared and Melody Rhind.  Funky western-inspired shirts and onesies, Hunter Jackets, jodhpurs and 1960′s inspired shift dresses, is what happens when you put a ‘new’ couple, with Industrial Design and Fashion Merchandising in their backgrounds, on a roadtrip.

During a long highway drive in 2007, Jared and Melody Rhind were surprisingly discussing children’s clothing. With both possessing a love of the vintage clothes which largely contributed to their wardrobes, they toyed around with the idea of making similar, smaller pieces for their own children in the future. Realizing that there might be a market for this idea, Jared and Melody began to imagine a line of clothing for babies inspired by a style only available for grown ups. Escargot Kids was conceived through this simple conversation. [Soon after launching the company in the summer of 2008, Melody and Jared received the happy news that they were expecting their first child.]

Escargot is committed to using the highest quality fabrics and is proud to manufacture their products locally and ethically in Vancouver, Canada. The quality of construction and detail which they saw in clothing of the past has been applied to their own line, so that Escargot pieces will be long lasting and passed on to find a second life.

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