Ethical menswear from head to toe: Three Leaves

By Kate | Men
Posted May 24, 2013

BROOKLYN – Online retailer Three Leaves, the source for ethical fashion for the man who lives without compromise, was founded in Red Hook, in 2012 to provide men with cruelty-free, environmentally aware, socially responsible clothing, footwear and accessories. We’ve featured them before and time is working favourably for this online shop as they have added new brands and are showing the best in trends for the ethical man this spring.

Three Leaves founder Adam Batnick shares,

“We are thrilled to now be carrying Nudie Jeans, brand new to Three Leaves. They have the best looking (organic cotton) jeans you can buy. Nudie uses only 100% organic cotton in their denim, have a bunch of certifications based on their light environmental footprint and fair treatment of workers, and work in collaboration with the Human Rights Gallery for the benefit of Amnesty International. Truly a brand that does not put profits above the health of people and the planet. These are the brands we try to align ourselves with.”

Three Leaves only carries items that meet Batnick’s strict criteria of environmental standards, including those certified by Oeko-Tex, Global Organic Textile Standard, certified organic by the Soil Association, and OE 100. These carefully selected pieces are made of organic cotton, recycled PET (plastic bottles), and hemp, in addition to an array of other eco-friendly materials. And Batnick’s curatorial eye has you covered from head to toe. From Arbor Hats to Novacas animal-friendly shoes with Two Thirds and Knowledge Apparel threads in between.

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