Ethos Paris – beautifully fair

By Kate | Women
Posted Sep 25, 2010

Ethos Paris a thriving fashion house in Paris, France producing stylish, high-quality garments made from organic materials.  Every person involved in the production, design and sale of all Ethos creations is paid a living wage while sustainability and ethical practices form the basis of the company’s business activities in developing countries. This Yolanda Draped Coat is one of the highlights of their alpaca collection this autumn-winter. It is voluminous and fluid, and creates an elegant silhouette due to the cut and fine knit. The large draped collar is soft and warm, and provides the perfect antidote to a cold winter’s day! € 260,00.

Modern meets natural in this Conchita Handbag, made of Wicker and Recycled Leather. Dimension in cm: L42 X H26 X W15. € 165,00. Ships to Europe, Canada and the U.S. There is also an USD site here.

Ethos Paris is part of the Ethical Fashion Show®, which since its creation in 2004 has been bringing together designers who care about the environemnt and culture’s skills. From chic to traditional fashion, there’s something to suit all tastes. Running Sept. 25-28 in Paris, the Ethical Fashion Show® includes: showrooms, runway shows and conferences

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