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Posted Jan 24, 2013

The role of the FFF is to raise awareness of the importance of responsible textile consumption, promoting ecological and natural textile fibers, supporting and encouraging the making from social projects and / or sustainable as a tool for social transformation and we have invited them to share their magnifeco stories (part 2 of 3).

Last week we talked to you about “Cotton and Human development”; a project that believes in sustainable Human development and where we found amazing ecological fabrics that respect people, animals and nature.

This week we want to introduce to you the “Navdanya” project, where activist Vandana Shiva (Ph.D. in physics and world-renowned activist) fights for ecological transformation within communities. Navdanya’s aim is to defend agricultural communities of Vidarbha (central India) by making the organic cotton harvest a decent and sustainable livelihood.

We met Vandana Shiva and that was the beginning of FFF. We realized that our clothes could only be beautiful if the story that is behind them is beautiful too. This became our mission and we are working very hard on it by supporting projects like Navdanya’s one.

Navdanya works in several aspects:

* Communal seed banks, for the farmers to keep their natural seeds and as alternative to some multinationals attempts to patent them. Navdanya has already helped set up 111 community seed banks across the country.

* Constant training in ecological agriculture methods, for the communities to learn how to cultivate without using any toxic pesticides for the environment and farmers, producers and consumers’ health. Navdanya have trained over 500,000 farmers in seed sovereignty, food sovereignty and sustainable agriculture over the past two decades.

* Support in the organic certification process, which ensures a sustainable and ecological process from farming to the moment the cotton fabric arrives in the consumer’s hands. Moreover, Navdanya has helped set up the largest direct marketing, fair trade organic network in the country.

* Access of that production to international markets in better conditions.

FFF supports Navdanya foundation in all these aims, but more directly we collaborate with this project by informing and selling its fabrics.

Organic cotton from Navdanya arrives to us as fabric through the Indian knitting factory Assisi Garments, committed to groups at risk of social exclusion. With it, we have created Vandana fabric collection: 8 fabrics with 8 different beautiful colours. Light green, dark green, blue, purple, pink, red, orange and natural: all of them made with ecological dyes.

*Vandana fabric collection is available at our online shop of C.L.A.S.S & FFF materials

Navdanya means “nine seeds”, symbolizing protection of biological and cultural diversity. At FFF we want to contribute to this protection and that is why we keep telling the beautiful stories that are behind our fabrics.


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