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Posted Dec 3, 2012

Open call for designers for |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week 2013
|FAT| invites fashion designers, fashion/installation artists, fashion photographers, filmmakers, performers and visual artists to apply to show their talent and their work for the 8th edition of |FAT| April 23 -27, 2013.


Early Deadline: December 21, 2012

Final Deadline: January 9, 2013

Categories include:

• Fashion Designers to present collections on the runway • Fashion focused installations for one of 12 individual artist installation rooms • Filmmakers & Video Artists to present and screen fashion films • Performers (dance/music/performance art) to present work on the runway • Fashion Photographers to exhibit photography work

Who can apply to |FAT| 2013

• Emerging Artists & Fashion Designers • Established Artists & Fashion Designers • National and International Artists/Designers • Exceptional Students from Art/Design Schools • Performers

The |FAT| 2013 theme FASHION THERAPY examines the human condition and aspects of the psyche which seek resolve through fashion. Designers and artists are invited to submit their vision and interpretation on how fashion can be used as healing. This year’s theme asks the question: How does fashion impact the human condition – our mental and emotional states?

FASHION THERAPY will be presented April 23 -27, across five days of unique programming based on these five sub-themes: Drama, Craving, Escape, Crisis & Euphoria.

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